superfood cookies | 2 ways

superfood cookies | 2 ways

Craving sweet?
Take your pick from two of our favorite cookies, dreamed up by our very own nurse Falecia and friend Mo 

These cookies are simple, quick and chock-full of beneficial ingredients – each cookie featuring an edible powerhouse: #pumpkinseeds  +  #rawcocoanibs


A lover of pumpkin seeds, Dr. Kristann wrote a little piece in their praise:

“Falecia recently brought in some tasty delights rich in pumpkin seeds (don’t fret, her recipe follows!), and they only served to heighten my enthusiasm for these little seeds that pack such a nutritional

Go Pumpkin Seeds!

You say pumpkin seed, I say ZINC.
You say pumpkin seed, I say MAGNESIUM.
And then maybe you say. . .big deal!. . .but wait, it is a big deal!

Magnesium is a super-important nutrient that supports normalized blood pressure, heart health and regular digestion; and it is critical to regulation of muscle spasms.  Zinc is a nutrient used for all sorts of cellular processes to make energy (and we all could use some of that!).  Zinc also is very important for prostate health — where zinc is the most concentrated in the entire body.  The  pumpkin extracts and oils within the seeds also significantly improve prostate conditions such as enlarged prostate.

Pumpkin seeds are a wonderful way to get plant-based Omega 3 fats that are critical to our cholesterol balance, brain health and regulation of inflammatory pathways.  The phytosterols found in pumpkin seeds help balance female hormones and play a helpful role during a women’s monthly cycle as well as during peri-menopausal & menopausal times.

All this, in one little seed?

YES please!  Pass ME another cookie!







Did you give these cookies a go? How amazing were they?!
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