Easy Green Pasta

Easy Green Pasta

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Love pasta? Yeah, us too. Pasta’s the best. 
Ever try brown rice pasta? While it is still pasta, it is gluten-free and offers a decent little dose of fiber and protein to boot. We <3 that Grace infuses this dish with as many greens as she can possibly get into it. One bowl turns out to be half pasta and half vegetable matter (you know, bitter greens, dark greens, stems, stalks, all the good stuff). Throw in some garlic, oil and red pepper and you got yourself a happy meal.
Our favorite brands are Jovial + Tinkyada Rice Pasta. You can get them at most health food stores. This pasta is legit and tastes like the real deal…though, word to the wise – it doesn’t keep as well as regular pasta does, so portion accordingly!
We made this pasta with non-dairy cashew parmesan. You can make it easily or get it at the store. You may be able to trick an Italian with it …maybe. 

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