“Beets, etc.” Salad Wrap

“Beets, etc.” Salad Wrap

.a Red Hill recipe.
#18: Grace’s “Beets, etc.” Salad Wrap

This is a 🥗what’s left in my fridge?🥗, (mostly) raw salad. It’s totally customizable, keeps well for quite a few days, and can fit its way into most any meal. I made a big batch this past week and ate it…straight out of the mason jar with the nearest utensil (!!)… atop scrambled eggs and stinging nettles… in a bowl with salad greens and more black beans… and today, wrapped up in a tortilla with salad greens and a spread of pinto beans quick-mashed with olive oil and salt. So good!

🥦Raw beets bring you betaine and nitric oxide, lowering inflammation and blood pressure. They are purifiers of the liver and blood, and are full of nutrients and fiber. 
🥦Kale is a powerhouse, providing, among many things, a TON of Vitamins A + C, Potassium, magnesium, fiber and antioxidants. 
🥦Truly, every ingredient in this salad is #deliciousANDnutritious

Note: For this mostly raw salad of leftovers, be mindful of which ingredients you’re using that are better cooked than raw…but let whatever can nicely be raw, stay raw 🥕

Enjoy 🌸

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raw beet salad wrap