spicy sesame shiitake + wild garlic pickles

spicy sesame shiitake + wild garlic pickles

Admittedly, it’s been more than once already that I’ve been caught standing at the fridge with the door wide open, eating these pickled mushrooms straight out of the jar. They will most likely not last very long. But that’s ok…because they’re so quick + easy to make! Not to mention the *wow* factor they bring to most dishes.

Quick-pickles are not made for a life on the shelf. Taking out the canning process means they have a shorter life (a life in the fridge), but they do not need to be heated for so long, keeping more nutrition intact. It’s also easier to do than canning, which requires much more precision. The basic formula for quick-pickles is //

heat brine + pack jar with ingredients + let cool + put in fridge
= eat all of it.

This jar of quick-pickles highlights Spring’s bounty with a big ol’ handful of wild garlic (or, onion grass). If you don’t feel comfortable foraging, thinly sliced onion or garlic from the market will do just fine! Or you can omit the alliums altogether. The beauty of this recipe is that it is completely transformable – the paths you can take based on taste and available ingredients are endless! Experiment, and most importantly, have fun!