Ionic Cleanse Footbath | Summer Special

Ionic Cleanse Footbath | Summer Special

Ever tried an Ionic Cleanse Footbath? How about a SERIES of them? Here at Red Hill, we make sure never to miss our weekly footbaths, because we can definitely feel the difference when we do!

We want to share the  with this sweet summer deal.
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And check out Dr. Kristann’s experience of the wonderful footbath below…

Ionic Cleanse Footbath: From Naysayer to Believer!”
Dr. Kristann Heinz, MD, RD of Red Hill Medical

For years, I have been baffled as to how to aptly explain the Ionic Cleanse Footbath. Frankly, I thought nothing of them. The claims that they are pulling toxins out through your feet is fun to imagine, but does not make any since to my scientific mind without evidence-based reposts to back them up, of which there are few (sadly, because that would be cool). But, being in the integrative medical field, I often try all sorts of therapies so I can talk from personal experience with my patients. When a wellness colleague told me to “try a series and then tell [her] they do nothing!”…well, I thought, “Game On!” Thus, I started with weekly footbaths.

I had to first define what exactly is going on? Ionic Cleanse Footbaths are essentially the placement of your feet in water that has undergone a process of electrolysis. This process produces both negative and positive ions in the water bath. These ions in turn interact with our own bodies’ biochemistry to help support balance in our body’s pH. Generally speaking, most diseases thrive in an acid environment. By changing our body’s pH to be more alkaline, we are allowing the body to more easily process toxins and to detoxify. This change in pH helps to support our wellness. Through the footbath process most patients experience a general, wonderful sense of well-being after each session. This “feeling of wellbeing” can include and is not limited to:

 increased energy

 enhanced sense of calmness

 clearer thought process

 normalized blood pressure

 lessening of joint pain…

So back to my experience… what happened? All I can say is I am now a believer! Footbaths have helped significantly me during acute episodes of skeletal pain, migraines and viral illnesses. I always feel more energetic, with a clearer heart and head after a footbath, and I make it a priority to get a footbath weekly. I can definitely feel the difference when I miss a week! Come on in an try a series for yourself – the cumulative benefits of these footbaths are manifold.

If you are interested in purchasing our Summer Series, I recommend using your four footbaths consecutively…in other words, once a week for a month, for the most powerful results. If that won’t work for your schedule, try to use these four footbaths within a two month window. You can even schedule them all at once with Grace at the front desk 

All my best,

Dr. Kristann Heinz, MD, RD