a heart-centered & open-eared approach to integrative medicine



“After countless years of struggling with poor health, more and more symptoms per year, and a frustrating lack of diagnosis, I found myself very discouraged with my current state of health and even more discouraged by the handful of medical practices that I visited to no avail. I was pretty much mentally done with even trusting anyone healthcare-oriented……until someone convinced me to give Red Hill a try. After my first visit (which included discussion of typical diet, general lifestyle, and common symptoms) I immediately felt the candle of hope rekindle. Within a few consultations, the proper avenue of testing, and guidance toward easy lifestyle change, I am feeling so much better than I have in 6 or 7 years and steadily increasing. I was made into a complete skeptic toward medical practices and Red Hill gave me results, hope, ¬†and trust again.”

-Michael Falcone, Vice President at T&T Tree Service


“Great medical team! I love their approach to illness. A good mix of traditional medicine and looking outside the box using nutrition to try and heal as well.”

-Derek Gearhart, Sports Chiropractor at Bucks Sports Chiropractic


“Red Hill Medical is an amazing place of compassion and healing. Dr. Heinz is the ULTIMATE doctor. She is kind, compassionate and a true healer. I love coming to the office just to soak up the energy. I always feel better after a dose of Kristann and Falecia.”

-Flick Rahn, Opera Singer and Sound Therapist at Integrative Healing Institute