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“Intelligent, integrative, nurturing healthcare. Empowering and educational for the patient.”

Peg Lynch

“Great medical team! I love their approach to illness. A good mix of traditional medicine and looking outside the box using nutrition to try and heal as well.”

– Derek Gearhart, Sports Chiropractor at Bucks Sports Chiropractic

“After countless years of struggling with poor health, more and more symptoms per year, and a frustrating lack of diagnosis, I found myself very discouraged with my current state of health and even more discouraged by the handful of medical practices that I visited to no avail. I was pretty much mentally done with even trusting anyone healthcare-oriented……until someone convinced me to give Red Hill a try. After my first visit (which included discussion of typical diet, general lifestyle, and common symptoms) I immediately felt the candle of hope rekindle. Within a few consultations, the proper avenue of testing, and guidance toward easy lifestyle change, I am feeling so much better than I have in 6 or 7 years and steadily increasing. I was made into a complete skeptic toward medical practices and Red Hill gave me results, hope, and trust again.”

Michael Falcone, Vice President at T&T Tree Service

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“I recently received a new type of treatment offered by Red Hill Medical, Shockwave Therapy (EPAT Technology) for a persistent elbow injury. Not only was it successful in that I am fully healed, it is also emblematic of Dr. Heinz’s approach to her practice: pro-active and willing to introduce cutting edge technology. Dr. Heinz’s knowledge base is vast, her research is thorough and her compassion is deep. She brings a unique approach to her practice that encompasses eastern and western medicine, a holistic approach to health and wellness, and a patient centered treatment plan. I am grateful to have her and the team at Red Hill in my life.”

Ulla Warchol

“Red Hill Medical is an amazing place of compassion and healing. Dr. Heinz is the ULTIMATE doctor. She is kind, compassionate and a true healer. I love coming to the office just to soak up the energy. I always feel better after a dose of Kristann.”

Flicka Rahn, Opera Singer and Sound Therapist at Integrative Healing Institute

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“I have been taking kettlebell classes with Kristann for about three years now, and she also recently provided me with a record review after a health scare I had. Kettlebell is one of my favorite parts of the week” I always leave feeling stronger and more energized than when I arrived  “and the care and time Kristann took during my record review to carefully explain my medical records (from a nearby hospital) were unprecedented. Kristann has the rare gift of being able to make medical terminology accessible to those of us without medical training” she can just intuitively sense what you don’t understand and explain it in a way that makes everything clear. Before consulting with Kristann I’d been wracked with anxiety about my diagnosis and treatment; after I left her office I felt knowledgeable, in control, and prepared to better communicate with the doctors treating me.”

-Casey Ruble, Milford, NJ

“I had terrible acne and was really sensitive about talking about it.  Dr. Heinz was so caring and thoughtful and helped me follow a routine that really cleared up my skin.  We also talked about diet and I was able to eliminate the foods that were making my acne so much worse.  Now my face and back are cleared up and I feel more confident about myself.”


“Red Hill Medical puts the ‘care’ back in healthcare! A true sanctuary for women and men.”

– Candace P.


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