Dr. Kristann recently spoke on a panel about teenage anxiety at The Lotus School of Liberal Arts’ screening of ANGST, an IndieFlix original documentary. This topic is a big one, and we want to provide more information about it to our followers.

Here’s a bit of what Kristann had to say about the functional medicine approach to understanding and treating anxiety in a functional medicine setting//

“At Red Hill Medical + Wellness, we look at the root cause of illness with the intention to heal from the ground up. This not only changes the symptoms of what we experience directly but also provides resilience to handle contributing environmental factors that can influence our emotional health.

It’s easy to understand this when you picture anxiety as a tree. The roots of the anxiety tree represent the physiological influencers (those that occur within us) that contribute to the symptoms of anxiety. Environmental influencers, such as social media and bullying, can also have a strong effect on how the tree grows (just like strong winds, heavy rains or environmental toxins do on a growing tree). These are presented as influencers around the tree trunk. The stronger and healthier the tree inherently is, the less these influencing components will have an impact.

Take a look and think about your story around anxiety. What are your influencers? Do you have any root-cause contributing factors that you are aware of?”

Pair this with our handy infographics below to learn more!

If you or somebody you love is experiencing anxiety, consider looking into our upcoming event with Nurture Balance Heal // BodyTalk Access Workshop: Teen Anxiety. This workshop will equip teens with powerful and simple techniques that are used by practitioners in BodyTalk sessions to support anxious teens. Click on the event to learn more.

Food for thought.

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