holy ferments!

holy ferments!

Whether you’re already a fermentin’ fool or are still trying to figure out how to spell l-a-c-t-o-b-a-c-i-l-l-u-s, this is a call to put real culture back in your foods!
(eh? See what we did there? )

Eating and drinking fermented foods ensures a healthy dose of beneficial bacteria (yes, like lactobacillus) into your digestive system. This brings balance to the gut, in addition to slowing or reversing disease and improving bowel health, digestion and immunity.

“Having the proper balance of gut bacteria and enough digestive enzymes helps you absorb more of the nutrients in the foods you eat. Pair this with your healthy real food diet, and you will absorb many more nutrients from the foods you eat. You won’t need as many supplements and vitamins, and you’ll be absorbing more of the live nutrients in your foods.”
– Katie of WellnessMama.com

Heck, you’ll even notice your moods are lighter when you keep consistent with fermented foods everyday. In this modern world of high-paced society and value-deprived foods of convenience, it is not typical to have a happy gut flora within.
Now more than ever it is important to incorporate these deliciously zesty and vibrant foods into our lives. The benefits are many and it is one more wonderful way to create a real relationship with the foods you eat.

And it’s SO fun to make and create your own fermented concoctions! #BeetKvass#ItalianGiardinera#KoreanKimchi#DillyCarrots#GarlicSauerkraut . . .  the list is endless. It’s an art!

We’re considering hosting a fermented foods workshop this Spring … any interest in learning more? Drop us a line, let us know what you think.

photo / ferment cred // Grace Antonini, Administration + Wellness Technician at Red Hill Medical