the gift of massage

the gift of massage

It’s Falecia’s birthday at the end of the month, and she’s celebrating with $15 off Massage and Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy sessions, now until the end of the year!   

Why massage, Falecia?

“Well, first off, making the time and space for your own self care and allowing yourself to stop, breathe, and feel wonderful are essential to a happy + healthy life. Secondly, stressed muscle inhibits the body’s ability to naturally eliminate toxins and increased inflammation, causing accumulation of toxins in the tissue. This causes damaging pain, fatigue, weight gain, decreased mental acuity, and most of all…chronic stress. Massage loosens the muscles, allowing increased circulation into the tissue that pulls toxins out through the blood and the lymphatic drainage system. The benefits are endless! …P.S. Here’s a tip…always drink lots of water post massage, in order to aid your body with eliminating the toxins.”

Falecia brings over 20 years of experience in healthcare as a massage therapist, registered nurse and mindfulness teacher to each session. She utilizes only organic, chemical-free lotions, oils & essential oils to create a relaxing & nurturing session easing tension on all levels of your being. Falecia has training in various massage techniques including Swedish massage, deep tissue, prenatal massage & manual lymphatic drainage.

Want to share the ? Gift cards are available at the office.

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